Actions and Thoughts

A persons actions are as visible as the waves in the ocean.
A persons thoughts are unknown to us like the current below.

~ Daniel-Jacob 2012

We've heard the familiar saying:

Actions Speak Louder than Words

What does this mean? Do words mean nothing these days? Do our actions these days really personify our thoughts?


Everybody perceives others based on their external attributes and what they can gather in the time that they encounter you (or a brand).

Just like a person, brands are judged by the way they look, the colours they choose, whom they choose to be associated with and even more, how they 'speak' to others.

However, nobody thinks beyond this facade of understanding a person or brand better other than what they have perceived of them. This is an action. People have chosen to do this. Hence, our actions can be reflected by our blogging, posting status updates, simple gossip and even lewd remarks or gestures.

How does this reflect on people and the society that we come from?

I say STOP.

Before we act, we need to think things through. Hold your tongue back. It's not easy to restrain ourselves, and even more so, our thoughts.

Some people would argue, why? Why can't we have that peace of mind to be free of boundaries and at least seek solitude in our thoughts that what we may think is ours alone.

I say it is not. It is once again that bare perception that has influenced your thoughts, and worse, may influence the following actions.

The waves may look great this morning. But until you delve in to test the current, don't take a risk. Unless you're willing to bear the consequences, be they pleasurable or not.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou


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