Be normal = Treated normal

Be it applying for a job, sponsorship opportunities or trying to pick up a girl, it's all the same.

If you do things in a normal manner, except a normal response (if any at all).

Take advice from Brands where they try and do different things.
And if you can't be different, try doing things differently.

It's easier said than done. People rack their heads on approaches which allows for the recipient to view them in a different light. It all depends on your desired response. What are you trying to achieve?

Example 1: Applying for a job

What is the norm?
CV's are sent in. People call up asking for interviews and meetings. People send emails, letters and hope for the best.

Then there are those who try being different: sending in a creative looking CV, or handing in some cool looking artefact that 'sells' them. Saturation hits the point where even this is seen as being normal.

Then how pray tell, can we be different? By doing something differently of course. But how?

Dig deep, research the organisation, the people, the position etc... When you know your prospect better, you can plan your attack better.


Ensure that the way you potray yourself is a true indication of your self. Who are you? Is what you have done normal for you? Or is it different. Only you would know.

Don't expect people to accept you for who they think you are by ending up just being plain ol normal.

I kinda like that Diesel campaign: Be Stupid.

It makes sense.




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