Email is the Old New

eMail, e-Mail, electronic mail.

We all have one (I hope).

Tis but another form of communication between friends, family and organisations.

I remember when I opened up my first email account: it was a hotmail account. 

It seemed so formal back then. It was a thing that people at the office sent to each other to communicate a message in a non-verbal way. I viewed emails cumbersome in communicating messages which were meant to be short.

Thank goodness for the messenger system. I used my MSN Messenger account to 'chat' with my mates.

Then came the influx of various services. We had AOL, MSN, Hotmail, GMAIL, Yahoo, Live etc...

With so many to choose from, the services offered had to reach a new pinnacle. And that they did.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for many people to have multiple email accounts.

I, myself have:

- A Hotmail account for friends, family, spam and to give away to random third parties that may wish to flood me with offers etc...), 

- A Gmail account: which I use for work related endeavours,

- Another Gmail account for the Band, (Gee-mail seems to be seen in a professional light aye?), and

- A now defunct Yahoo mail account which was used as an alternative to Hotmail.

Cutting to the Chase:

Brands need to realise that people have different accounts for different purposes. It is part of human nature to do so. To adapt to changes in the environment. People choose what they wan't or what they don't want. Some things cannot be controlled, but can be curbed. MAN has always found ways to seek out for information, and now, allow for the information that they find useful to be sent directly to them.

I believe the e-mail is Back & Bigger than ever (if used appropriately).




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