Ideas vs Execution (mentors)

I remember a discussion I had with  my lead guitarist Christos from my band (The Ugly Kings) yesterday.

The Topic: Doing a business plan with a Mentor

Christos believes that he learnt the most about business and management from a Mentor. This mentor guided him and provided feedback to help through the development stages of his business plan from his original Idea.

Christos believes that Execution is more important than the initial Idea.

And this is where the debate leads us:

I'm a firm believer that idea generation is a critical process. The execution is but a direction and a desired response. This all stems from the idea though.

Hence, it goes hand in hand. We all have great ideas. However, not many of us follow it through.

It's much like Advertising. Ad agencies get a brief from a client, giving them their problem, and what the desired outcome/goal that they would like to achieve. It is then up to the agency to come up with ideas, and with the clients approval, see them through.

Do ideas come up solely to overcome problems? Or help cater to situations familiar to us? We've seen how many inventions were created to make our lives easier. The telephone allowed us to communicate with people without having them in our immediate presence. Aeroplanes allowed us to travel to different destinations quicker.

Back to the Mentor:

I believe having a mentor can be good or bad. It depends who the mentor is, where he comes from (his background), and more importantly, if he can share your vision. Will he try to leverage of your idea, or simply take control? If they do the latter, you will learn nothing.*

*refer to my blog on "It's better to learn than be taught".

Hence, regardless of the direction you'd like to head towards. Make sure you don't sell yourself short. Keep your ideas. Share them with others. I remember reading somewhere:

'If you have 1 good idea, and another person has 1 good idea, then you have 2 good ideas'.

Don't be restricted by what people say. Trust yourself.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou


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