It's Better to Learn than be Taught

I did both my Bachelors & Masters at Royal Melbourne Insititute of Technology (RMIT) in Melbourne, Australia in my early 20s.

The way they approached educating students was to drive them towards the approach of 'self-directed' learning.

What did this mean?

They believed that we as young adults need not be spoon fed. With the wealth of information readily available at our fingertips, we needed to learn how to source for information and use the various resources ourselves. They did not force it upon us but slowly nurtured it into us.

But of course, there will always be those who need to be spoon fed.

It's Better to Learn than be Taught:

You may go to school to seek an education, take up coaching for tennis and even go get somebody to teach you how to play the guitar. But alas, we are all but fools we if truly believe that bettering ourselves lies solely within somebody else.

Teachers can try to impart knowledge through the use of books, lecture notes, slideshow presentations. A tennis coach can help you be more conscious about your mistakes and help hone your tennis skills on and off the court. A guitar instructor can show you slick riffs that he knows and teach you various strumming patterns.

But the ability for us as human beings to be better at things depends whether we CHOOSE to learn them. Learning means finding out more. Similar to Philosophy (or Philosophia) i.e. the love of wisdom.

Next time you find yourself attempting to study/understand or learn something, ask yourself

"Am I really learning, or am I being taught?"


Daniel-Jacob Santhou


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