Live Today like there's No Tomorrow

If we live our lives like there's no tomorrow, we'll accomplish alot more today.

Alot of us keep putting things off, believing that we will always have time later to attend to them.

Then there are some of us who are more organised who like to put reminders in our calenders and make 'To-do Lists' and prioritising them according to importance to tick off.

Remember that time when you wanted to voice your opinion for what you believed in? How about that other time you saw that cute girl at the bar whom you really wanted to get to know better?

It's all the same. All these what if's....

What if we actually:

 Live Today like there's No Tomorrow.

Take every situation, every person you come across as an opportunity to live life to the fullest, with no regrets, with the exception of accepting the consequences be they pleasurable or not.

I am only begining to fathom the things that I would be able to do today.

What will you do?


Daniel-Jacob Santhou


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