Live Your Own Dreams

Live Your Own Dreams, and Not Somebody Elses...

We all have dreams. Unfortunately for many, it happens when we're asleep. I've met alot of people who fail to realise their own potential and take refuge in their dreams.

Instead, they rely on sustenance and comfort in living somebody elses dreams.

Case Study: My Sister, Nicole.

My sister had a passion for film & television. She always envisioned herself working within the media spectrum. She had vision, ideas and needed an outlet to make this happen. She claimed she had tried to land a job within the industry but to no avail:
(Refer to my previous post on the way to approach things differently).

Nicole ended up working at a bank in HR, due to a friends connection in pulling her in, and she gladly took up the role. She learned her duties well and fast. I lost my sister to another organisation that shared its stakeholders dreams and not hers.

She then 'settled'. She was paid, she got married, and recently had a beautiful baby girl. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Did it make her content? Did it satisfy her? On a professional level, has she succeeded?

I pray many of you would disagree...Because I sure did.

With her job, bills to pay, expenses and soon to be mortgages coming her way, she needed to stay on. All this despite the fact that she always conferred to me her disatisfaction and unhappiness. She had reached a pinacle in her life where despite fulfilling the usual paths of marriage, baby and career landings.

She ended up in a doldrum of her own concoction. She became just another drone for another organisation.

My advice to anyone:
Live your own dreams and not somebody elses.

It may be difficult to get into what you would like to do in life, but don't give up. Don't ever think of giving in either. You may claim you have bills to pay, children to feed etc... but these are all subjective. You choose these things for yourself.

There's no point saying life is difficult. Life, is life. You determine what you choose to do with it. And if anything else, you need to accept the consequences of your decisions. Can you live with them?

Or like my sister, have you had enough?

I'm glad she finally found something within the media department of the bank and is now working doing content management and production; a step towards her dream.

So, if you've taken 2 steps forward, maybe try going sideways and remembering Your Own Dreams.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou


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