Do You Know Your Customer?

I'm part of a band. We're called The Ugly Kings

Our singer/drummer (amazing isn't it?) needed a new drum kit for our future gigs.

We went down to a prominent music store in Melbourne, Australia.

What we Needed: A New Drum Kit

What we Wanted: Assurance

The Sales Guy in the Drums department seemed keen to make a sale. It was apparent. It was closing time. A sale now would truly be a huge things for him.

He led us through some drums that he thought would be ideal for us.

The good part: 

He did ask what kind of kit we were interested in, what style of music we played and then finally, the price range we were looking at.

We had our heart set on a Ludwig kit. It was on a 'Managers Special' deal. Or so they say.

He jumped on the opportunity of closing the deal when my Singer/Drummer relayed an emotional instinctual connection with the drum kit. I however, on the other hand maintained my rational stance.

Then things went for the worst: The sales rep goes in justifying how he knows his stuff about music, playing drums for such a long time, playing alot of big gigs and even being a drum instructor/tutor himself. He said this was the kit for us.

All this, without my singer/drummer even testing it out for himself.

I rebuked the sales rep gently stating that he may know the industry, know how to teach the drums and even more so, know drums, BUT, he did not know my singer/drummer.

Arrogance cannot be negotiated.

In the marketing world, we may have excellent products, services and information and know the market and industry better, but it's a huge shortfall if you do not know your customer.

Meet their needs. Exceed their Expectations.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou


  1. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

    Know Your Customer

    1. Hi Sathya,

      My first blog comment! And it is great to see it is from someone I have never met before in my life.

      I hope you continue to enjoy and learn from whatever I have to share from my own person life experiences and thoughts. And thank your cousin for sharing this with you. I'd love to hear from him her of what she'd like to see more of and topics to be covered.

      Kind regards,

      Daniel Jacob


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