The Gold Stars Theory

Gold Stars denote alot of things...

It has long been recognised as a symbol for approval and recognition for outstanding merit and effort.

Many of us have experienced this first hand (if we truly did deserve such merit), back in prep school, kindergarten etc...

If you were ever a recipient of a Gold Star, what did it mean to you?
Did you really resonate with the meaning of achieving something?

Or did you simply think it was a fancy shiny sticker that you could show off to your friends with?

These days, businesses adopt this Gold Star approach. More so in awards.


They show that these businesses have achieved excellence in their field of work and more so, a vantage point in standing out from their competitors and yes, even a bit of showing off.

Then comes the infamous argument:

Does achieving such awards make the company better than the rest? I doubt so. I would question the panel and the criteria required to achieve such merit depending on the industry and category the brand is in.

In Advertising, we sometimes loathe our fellow agencies that win awards. However, we wonder if they win it for coming up with something fancy, or truly for meeting their clients needs... Only the client would know...

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You Deserve a Gold Star :)


Daniel-Jacob Santhou


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