Is Apple losing its core?

Is Apple losing its Core?*

*no pun intended.

As seen on Mashable:
The new iPad hasn't seen much of an aesthetic change, but when turning on the iPad, then only can a user notice the difference within.

For an organisation that has constantly been adored and watched by punters since the introduction of the iPod, it looks like now finally Apple is reaching saturation point. Or are they?

Refer to my previous blog on Leverage, leverage, leverage for more insights on this topic.

Is this the time for another innovator or brand to break through and penetrate the masses? Create a desire and need/want for something else?

For far too long, brands have been hiding and sulking in the shadow of this tech giant [Apple], but now, there seems ample opportunity to stand up and be heard. There is evidence that some have tried. Probably not with the best approach or product offering. What happened to R&D? Have brands invested money on simply settling for 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc...?

I hope not.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou


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