Leverage, leverage, leverage...

It's all about Leverage.

It always has been. Great strategists do not settle.
They leverage on opportunity and remain immersed in their surroundings...

Imagine what nature has to offer. Remove your headphones and remove your iPod.
Listen to the birds chirping.
The swaying of trees and even the dust flowing through.

- We are part of a larger natural world. And through all this comes clutter.

What mankind has included in this mix, we have forgotten about nature.
But then again, we naturally follow. Then there are those who lead.

And there is us:

Those that provide direction and painstakingly continue to strive for more, for ourselves and for others.
We take pride in others victories and see it as our own personal endeavour.

There are many opportunities floating about. Just because your campaign or workload is doing well, don't let is rest. Continue to leverage internally and externally. Why?

1) It shows you're immersed within that project,
2) You practice discipline in never giving in, and
3) Others are watching your every move :)

How can we make a mark on this world?

By simply continuing.

So, leverage :)


Daniel-Jacob Santhou


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