Buy a Product, Follow a Brand & Embrace a Story

Buy A Product, Follow a Brand & Embrace a Story

 It used to be:

I need something, someone else offers it, I have to buy it.

Then it became:

I need something, there are various options, I'll think about which I would rather buy.

Then it evolved further:

I need/want something, there are various options, who are they, what else will they do for me, is there anyone doing it for cheaper, what does it mean to me, I'll have to think of which to buy.

Brands used to have it easy. In the marketplace, there were few competitors and barriers to entry were relatively high. They controlled the price and did not need to advertise as aggressively. People came to them.

As more brands came into the market, offering similar or better services and products, the war of brands came about. Branding became important.


No longer were people interested in just the products/services, but also the stories behind the brands:

- Are they ethical?
- Do they do things in an environmentally friendly way?
- Do they care about me and ask me questions (Research)
- Are they listening to me (WOM, Social Media)
- What can they give me?
- How did they come about and why? What makes them so different from the rest?

Stories are important, and sometimes, with marketers so tied up with pleasing top management and stakeholders, they tend to lose this vision and most important part of working for a brand; being the brand.

When people buy your product, they expect a story. Give them a story worth sharing. They will listen and become brand advocates if they believe you.




You cannot force this. It needs to happen organically.

And when it does, your brand story will continue beyond your years.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou

Melbourne, Australia
01 May 2012


  1. Also, how the product makes me FEEL and look like when I buy it?

    1. Yes all those and more too Adri :)

      The essence of this post is for building a Brand Story.

  2. Kylie :) What about your personal comments on this post?


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