The Young Guns: New Age Group Classification

You know the typical market research age group classifications:

16-25, 26-35, 36-40 etc...

The issue I find with these classifications is that everybody is different. Yes, in terms of age and some demographic information, that is all you can gather.

I've been interested in qualitative input as opposed to quantitative output.

I am interested in consumer behaviour, patterns and various cognitive, behavioural and especially affective patterns.

I intend to do much research into this.

For now, I propose my own theory for Age Classification.
*note: I am focusing on Teenagers to Young Adults

1st Group: 16-20
'Discovery Stage': At this stage and level, respondents are discovering new things. High school, universities, trade schools, nightclubs, bars, alcohol, music, festivals etc...

2nd Group: 21-25
'Development Stage': Respondents in this group have basically f**ked up. They have learnt alot from mistakes and successes from their discovery stage. Work, bars, universities, trade schools, alcohol, relationships, travel. They continue to develop.

3rd Group: 26-30
'Progression Stage': After discovering and developing themselves, respondents start focusing on their individual goals. They place a higher value on assets and start to settle down.

*note: These are all just thoughts and notes I have made. I still intend to construct my theories and back it up with some sound academic and trade journal research.

For this Age Group Range, I have the following observations:

The Young Guns Model:

- Digitally Savvy
- Text Oriented (not big fans of speaking to people over the phone)
- Friends are important
- Spend less time at home
- Always online
- Wants to be seen & heard
- Opinionated
- Brand Loyal (surprise, surprise. I can prove this)

*note: It's a 4 year breakup in theory as I believe that each age group has distinct set of motivations and social groupings. Priorities are different for each of them.

For example: 16-20
They are in their final stages of high school. They enter the legal age for alcohol and tobacco products. They are at the end of their teenage years with 20 being the official entry in adulthood. With alot to expect, alot to discover, mistakes will happen, hearts will be broken.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou


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