First World Problems

A good friend of mine shared with me a problem he felt he was facing.

He was frustrated that nobody responded to his posts or questions on LinkedIN.

He feels its like talking to a brick wall.

I for one have never experienced a brick wall that responds back to me, so I can imagine his frustration.

I explained to him that LinkedIN is not a medium or tool for effective and ready communication as compared to other mediums or social networking sites. It effectively is a portal for professionals to connect with others.

What inspired me to write this was his quote on:

"First world problems I guess".

Indeed, it is a first world problem: The Lack of Communication (or non-existence of it)

People have tools and platforms to communicate. Yet if people seem to listen or read into your train of thoughts, only a few respond.


Is it because they don't find it relevant? Maybe they don't understand the nature of the question? Or possibly, they just don't care.

So, if they don't care, how can we make them care?


Keep it Simple.

Ensure it is Relevant.

Make it Interesting.

Who is your target? Are you reaching them?

This can be related and put into context in any business model, involving communications.

At least I believe so.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
Creative Strategist


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