Listen to people. They Inspire Creativity

In a typical Advertising Agency structure:

The marketing rep from a brand will give their brief to the agency.

The Account Manager along with the Strategy Planner/Account Planner will filter out unnecessary items and attempt to provide insights and the underlying thought of consumers to inspire the creative teams to come up with awesome ideas/work.

However, why should the job and task be solely left to Creative teams to come up with ideas. Where do they draw their ideas from? For some, it's from their own arse... Then it's the Suits job to attempt to push the idea back to the client.

I believe, that there are growing avenues for us to listen to our consumers. It's there, why not use it?
The popularity of social media networks allow for a 3 way conversation to occur online. Use every bit of information you can find.

But ultimately, listen to what people have to say. They might just spark creativity for your next campaign.

Case Study: Tim Tam orchard replaces Lego forest at Martin Place

"Arnott’s brand Tim Tam is filming a TV ad at Martin Place today, with an ‘orchard’ where the famous biscuits are hanging from trees.
The idea was taken from Tim Tam’s Facebook page, where consumers – who will be filmed in the TV ad – said their wish was for the biscuits to grow on trees".

 Source: mUmBRELLA

After all, as marketers and advertisers, we want  to give to the customers what we think they want. Here is a chance to actually listen and give them something they want.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
The Creative Strategist

Melbourne, Australia


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