Setting a Goal and Sticking to It

Setting a Goal is Important
I cannot stress this enough.

It tells us a lot about who you are and how you work. It starts from little things:

- Tidying up your room after you wake up,
- Washing your dishes after your meal,
- Planning your gym/exercise routine for the week etc...

How good are you at setting a goal. Are you even better at achieving them?

Many times we have a direction (Goal) we put our hearts toward.

However, for many of us, we fail ourselves by allowing other factors to come into play: meetings, work, family etc...

This is my goal:

Get my dream job as a Strategy Planner by June.

Why is this goal ideal? Because it is SMART.

Yep, that's right, I'm throwing in the old marketing theory of Goal Setting:

For me, it is. Here's why:

Specific: Getting a Job as a Strategy Planner
Measurable: The Number of interviews I get
Attainable: If you have what it takes, anything is possible
Realistic: Given my experience and what I have to offer, it's a bargain
Time Bound: June is my cut-off point

Now, this is my goal. How I get there will be the direction I take, or the necessary strategy. Some people call it objectives, because it is short-term and leads to your goal.

I alone know my strategy. What's your goal, and what directions have you been taking to get there?

Be Organised, and stay organised.

Live your dreams, bring them to life.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
Creative Strategist


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