I Think therefore I am: Using the power of our Minds

The mind is instinctual. A platform for launching into actions and reactions.

Action takes a longer thought process to formulate rationales to perform any given action.

Reactions are instantaneous due to previous stimuli that actions have previously been accorded for and logged into memory, be it intrinsic or muscle memory.

It is the only way that we have been brought up to believe. It is also based on the things that we have exposed ourselves to from the past.

We can calm the mind and ourselves if we choose to seek a deeper understanding and mutual resolution from within.

Rene Descartes said:

"I Think therefore I am"

Breathe new life into your soul each day.

Try something different.

Do something differently.

Expand and continue to use that powerful tool called your mind. It is a cesspool of rich information and memories. We need to continue to strive to feed it.

It Hungers.

If not, we will just become another drone...

Live and Learn. Lose and Learn.

Learn to Live.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
Creative Strategist


Melbourne, Australia


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