The Octopus View: Multi-tasking

The Octopus has 8 tentacles.
We have 2 hands.


We are able to utilize our mind in an amazing way.

We are able to do multiple things at once (to an extent).

Take for example this scenario this morning on my drive into work:

I had a conference call at 9am. I plugged in my hands-free earphones into my iPhone. I then put up the music (B.B King) to set the mood for the morning drive in the background.

I was on the phone whilst driving. What really intrigued me was that I was not consciously aware of my surroundings, or had little or no recollection of the events that happened within my immediate surroundings whilst driving.

"It was as if I was driving on auto-pilot mode..."

This has happened before. But to prove this Octopus Mode, I was tapping my feet to the Blues, whilst focusing on my conversation over the phone, and maintained a safe driving speed of a 100km/h whilst on the freeway.

What were the variables that I usually am conscious about?

1) My speed limit
2) Any possible hazards
3) Not drifting

What was my immediate focus on?

The phone conversation.

What this has taught me?

We can unconsciously get used to things and do them perfectly. This is due to routine and conscious monitoring. We get so used to them that they become ingrained in our mind.

Think about it? Watching TV, whilst listening to the radio, whilst chatting with your friends online and texting at the same time? You are able to keep up with all simultaneous activities.

However,we can truly only hold one point of focus. And that precedes everything.
Because if something captures our attention, we need to switch on and give it thought consciously.

In Advertising, we may unconsciously be aware of Ads and their messages, but truly, if people stop to actively consider an Advert or read the copy word for word to take it in, then,

We Have Truly Engaged Our Audience.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
The Creative Strategist

Melbourne, Australia


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