Genius is 1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration

What is it that inspires you?

When does this 'inspiration' occur?

Where could it occur?

Why do you believe that it occurs?


How does it occur?

I purchased this book by Jonah Lehrer called:

"Imagine: How Creativity Works"

I highly recommend it for aspiring planners, and even creatives.


Insights are essential to developing great work.

The video link to his recent presentation for 99% can be viewed here:

 Jonah Lehrer : The Origins of 

 Creative Insight & Why You 

 Need Grit 

Inspiration can come from so many sources e.g. the shower, on vacation, on a smoke break etc.

However, these plausible insights need to be refined and developed further. They need to be polished.


Even though we understand it, others may not.

We need to then construct the best possible way to communicate these ideas and messages to other stakeholders and members of your team.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou

The Creative Strategist

Melbourne, Australia


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