I Just Need to be Better than Everybody Else

I don't want to be the best.
I just need to be better than everybody else.

Has anyone ever told you that before? Have you come across any individuals who have this mentality?

This isn't a sign of arrogance or cockiness.

It is an indication of that individuals drive for development and growth. 

We all know expectations are the mother of all fuck ups.

Yet we continue to expect, and only some exceed.

If you don't want to be better than somebody else, then you probably aren't.


If you reach for the skies (no pun intended), and set your sights higher, there is only room for growth and potential development for all your skills that you wish to hone.

Forget what others think. It isn't about them. It's about you.

You Know Yourself the Best.

*however, be open to advice or tips along the way.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou

The Creative Strategist

Melbourne, Australia



  1. I've found that the biggest drive for personal success for me... hasn't been when I want to beat anyone... but more when being able to do the thing itself. When you want to know or do something it becomes internal and all the distractions are removed and it becomes easier to enter a state of flow. The other factor is the when this occurs the having becomes the doings so we win by stealth.

  2. Steve,

    Thank you for your response.

    Can I propose an alternative perspective on your response of:
    " it becomes internal..."

    All our 'internal' attributes, drive and passion stems from external influences that have allowed us to discover our internal vigour.

    I believe we will always strive to be better. Better than who or what is the question at hand.

    - Dan


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