Daniel-Jacob Santhou

Who is Daniel-Jacob?

Poetry in motion only potrayed to those who wish to listen and open their eyes and minds to the truth:

Poetic Justice is the means of justifying a broken promise.

Poetic Justice is ending up with the right person in the end.

Poetic Justice is not a thing to worry about, but a thing to embrace, with love.

Poetic Justice is self portrayed.

Poetic Justice is self-rectified.

Poetic Justice is me.

Creative Strategy is about:
Storytelling, Sharing, Inspiring and Creating.It is also about Philosophy, Experience and Insights.
My CV (recent):

I am an ENFJ:

Extrovert - Intuitive - Feeling - Judging type of Personal Trait

This stemmed from a psychological test (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) depicting the different psychological types of humans, which fit under 16 major categories.

These however are just inborn dispositions shaped by our environmental influences.

About the ENFJ Type (me):

Charismatic, manipulative, powerful, great interpersonal skills, global learner, belief in dreams, entrepreneurial, knows and appreciates people.

The ENFJ types are people focused. They bring out the best in others. They predominantly rely on love, support and provide a good time to others.

However, they can also be subjected to dark thoughts when left alone, and have the tendency to not express themselves openly. They put others above their own standing.

Famous ENFJ Types:

Abraham Lincoln, Barrack Obama, Johnny Depp, Michael Jordan, Pete Sampras, Ronald Reagan

I was born on January 22nd 1986. I grew up travelling the world with my parents (due to the nature of their work).

I started out studying Marketing for 3 years, and did not enjoy it. My grades reflected it. There were a few things I enjoyed throughout the course, which was consumer behaviour, the promotional mix and global marketing.

At that time, I was also travelling for work (modelling). I've always been very curious about things in life. My fundamental rule is 'if you don't know, ask'. Never be afraid to ask questions. That way we don't have to assume things. Now, whilst working on a big campaign for a very popular beverage company that 'opens up happiness', i came across clients, account managers and creative teams. There was always an issue. They didn't seem to understand the nature and abilities of each others department.

I proceeded to undertake the path in Advertising. I did my Bachelors at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia to study the creative bit of Advertising. I wanted to know what the creative process was. I credit this to my ability to conceptualise ideas, and even 'MAC' things up if necessary. I thought of becoming an account manager. 

However, this is where I met my Strategy Planning teacher who told me I was a born planner. When I asked why, she said exactly...because I always asked questions. She taught me the most important factors in becoming a planner.

I then went on to complete my Masters in Advertising at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. I graduated from both these courses with a distinction. I was an over-achiever. I still am :) I truly loved what I did and late nights did not seem late to me. I had a great balance in life. And most importantly, I got the work done, and more.

In life, I believe in living ones dreams. Why settle? They don't have to happen whilst we're asleep. I believe in belief.

I'm 26 years of age now, and find great difficulty in getting a job within the Advertising industry, in the Planning Department. I have been advised to 'get my foot in the door', but after awhile I learnt that this was not the right way to go. I'm persistent and I continue to alter my strategies to land this dream job.

I've met some wonderful and influential people in my life, all of whom I take what I can and 'learn' from them. I will always be grateful for them. Even though nothing is concrete, their experiences that they share with me make me a better person, and a stronger planner.

I love Melbourne for 2 main reasons:

My beautiful baby niece lives here, and I have a band here as well. 

These may seem irrelevant, but they mean the world to me:

These are the things that fuel my passion in life.
They keep me going and fuel my curiosity for life.

To remove me from this ideal 'environment' would only limit my boundaries.

I love Melbourne.

I am a seducer. I am a philosopher. I am a storyteller.

So, my adventure continues, and I am up for whatever life has to throw at me. I'll open my arms and always be positive.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
The Creative Strategist

Melbourne, Australia

http://www.facebook.com/thecreativestrategist --> Share in my adventures and let's create more.

Twitter: @djsanthou



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