Dumbing Down: Losing Your Creative Juices?

Don't Kill Creativity...

Chances are, if you feel lethargic at work, do your job as you're told and settle, you're probably dumbing down.

You probably have brilliant ideas, and have tried voicing it, only to have them shot down. You keep persisting, but eventually, with each time you get shot down, you keep them to yourself.

You are subject to creative murder.

Working in an organisation that doesn't have drive will do this to you. There will be boundaries set by the key influencers that are usually the stakeholders that don't really have a vision beyond the four walls of their office.

They may claim to be innovators, have a unique selling proposition and even think they are a market leader.

However, if ideas are run past and let go as easily as flushing the toilet bowl, why are you there?

I read somewhere that if you work for dumb people, you'll become dumb.

Find an organisation that shares and honours your ideas. If that organisation allows you to fuel your passion in life, you probably have found your ideal relationship.

If not, get out whilst you can.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
The Creative Strategist

Melbourne, Australia

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