Is there Hope? Do agencies have Big Balls?

I wrote an article/post to challenge the industry and the people in it.

I did this through mUmBRELLA under the Jobs Available/Work Wanted section.

I saw an opportunity to leverage off (Nobody had posted on the Jobs Available/Work Wanted) section.

This post was inspired by the tons of job postings available through various sites of agencies and organisations looking for the best possible prospect. However, what gives them this claim to authority to be able to ask for such? Awards? Remuneration? The people?
Hence, I put a twist on this concept by saying, I want the best for me as well.
As for myself, I love strategy. I take pride in creativity as well. This is my CV:

I wrote in to the editor who accepted my proposal to get noticed and leverage on opportunities. He graciously proceeded further to write a short blurb about me:

"This is a ballsy approach to getting hired, if Dr Mumbo has
 ever seen one.
‘You may not be the best or win awards, but you have hope,’
 writes Daniel-Jacob Santhou in his ad on the Mumbrella jobs 

Agencies with small balls need not approach…"

Let's see if this helps.
Lesson to be learnt? 1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration.
As long as we have hope, we need to leverage off opportunities and make the most of our resources.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
The Creative Strategist

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