We Reconstruct Our Memories

Did you know that memories are reconstructed every time we try to recall them?

Vivid images, memories from our past, a movie we watched. Chances are, we remember things not as they were, but as our mind allows us and wishes us to see them. There may be fragments that are true, however, your mind alters or reconstructs them depending on how you feel on the day itself and your surrounding environment.


People can recall up to 3-4 things at a time up to 20 second periods.

Think about it:

Post codes are usually 3-4 numbers long.
Flight Information has a shortened abbreviation of the airlines and a number such as QF79, SQ10.

What about telephone numbers? 

Ahhh, now this is the tricky bit. Numbers are extended.
For example if my number is 0416245327, it is usually listed or shown as 0416 245 327.

See how it is broken up into the magic rule of 3's or 4's?
(0416)= 4, (245)= 3, (327)= 3.

Remember that I mentioned above that there is a 20 second recall period? The trick is to recall the numbers and Repeat, Repeat, Repeat them in your head. Why? Every time you repeat them, you get an extra 20 seconds.

Nice to know information for this week :)


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