Can You Live Without Social Media?

Can You Live Without Social Media?

Only If You Want to Live Life Fuller.

We have allowed ourselves to integrate Social Media into our lives.
Some popular social media networking sites that many of us probably use are:

- Facebook
- Twitter
- LinkedIN
- Instagram
- Pinterest
- MySpace
- Google+
- Blogger

Each of these sites provides services which allow for users to do a variety of things from any internet enabled device - desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc.

How much time do you spend on social media a day?

Then we need to ask ourselves, for what purpose and what cost do we allocate to these sites?

Some people have told me:

- It (social media sites) allow me to stay connected with my friends
- I can share my life with others
- I know what others are up to
- I can create a page with common interest to build and foster an online community
- I can invite and extend that invitation of events online

But when does that stop?

When do we start meeting people in person. Talking, not typing. Interacting and stimulating our other senses rather than just a "quick fix".

I've seen many people actively getting "notifications" from their preferred social media networking sites to keep them constantly connected to the online community. But what about what's right in front of you?

I believe we miss out in moments that occur in person when we continue to keep in contact with these online channels. We may soon become a society that finds ourselves unable to speak. Unable to communicate in person. Unable to interact with other humans when out and about.

What would you do if you were not on social media?

It's funny that I'm writing a blog post about this isn't it?


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
Creative Strategist

Melbourne, Victoria


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