Keeping New Things New

It's almost like an OCD.

I myself am prone to such behaviours when it comes to new experiences or items.

Chances are that in some point of your life, you have come across a new experience or purchased something new.

Experiences can range from: relationships, travels, meeting new people, trying new food items etc.

Purchases could range from: new cars, new phones, new luxury bags etc.

When we have something new, we tend to hold on to it like a prized posession. We are consciously aware of any possible negative factors.

Example 1: The new iPhone 5

For many of us, we tend to keep the original plastic cover on it; that is, until we find a better form of protection on it.

We take care of the box, the cables and even the earphones that come with it. It is our new toy.

However, these feelings and care deteriote with time. It depends on the perceived value put on the item/person.

It can be applicable to any object or new experience.


Some items get an extended warranty/shelf life.


By adding something new or different to it, to revamp its perceived value. Following up from our iPhon 5 example, the perceived value of the iPhone 5 over time can be strenghtened through te purchase of say, a new protective screen cover, or a new case.

Then, the process starts over.

The trick in any profitable relationship with an object, person or company is to keep things fresh, and ensure that the honeymoon period is extended :)


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
The Creative Strategist

Melbourne, Australia
Twitter: @djsanthou

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