Love: Cognitive, Affective & Behavioural


A Cognitive, Affective & Behavioural Edition.

Love is defined as an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.

Love is also said to be a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion and affection.

Love can depict a range of attitudes towards things "I loved that meal", to an interpersonal meaning "I love you".

Then we have the more unfamiliar sexual Love of eros, to the familiar familial love and even the most popular being platonic love.

Love can have different meanings throughout different contexts.

The most important aspect is what your understanding and use of love is.

Your IDEA of love, can be remarkably different from somebody Else's IDEA of love.

So let's be rational about something that has so many emotional attachments to it.

The Cognitive (Thinking), Affective (Feeling) & Behavioural (Doing) of the term LOVE.

Cognitive: I think, therefor I am

We go through various thought processes which influence many of our actions. Our thoughts are so powerful, and we continue to take in new information and process them continuously both consciously and unconsciously.

When you think about Love, what comes to mind? Is it situational? Or is it a series of thought amalgamated together through your inherent ability to continue to develop and learn.

If you think you're in love, then you are just thinking. There's nothing wrong with that. Only you know how you think, feel and do about any given notion.

Affective: Oh what a feeling

This is the area that many of us tend to relate to when it comes to this notion and idea of love. I feel amazing. I feel loved. I feel happy. I feel blessed. These are all just feelings. Those butterflies in your stomach, your heart skipping a beat etc.

We can't help the way we feel. It's an unnatural activity to try and change this. I believe it's almost impossible not to feel. Mankind has a shared kindred with being able to feel and be emotional towards any given situation. These feelings can however be heavily influenced by external factors for better or worse.

Behavioural: Do it

Based on our thoughts and feelings, our actions speak louder than words, so to say.
There is no action, without going through the cognitive and/or affective path. The choices we make and the actions we choose are influenced by situations, our feelings, out thoughts.

For some of us, we are able to think rationally without getting influenced with our emotions (as much). But for many of us, we are reactionary creatures, and our emotions get the better of us.

So, What is Love?

Love is whatever you make it up to be.

You alone decide what love is, how you choose to convey that (rhetoric, images, sound etc.)

When you tell somebody that You love them, what does it mean to you? What does it mean to them?

In communication, we can relay a message with the thought, feeling and actions that we believe is right. The receivers of this message choose to take it in their own way through their perceived interpretation of it.

That is why, communication can be tricky, and messages get misinterpreted.

So, if Love is difficult to comprehend, what else can we do? What else do we have?


Believe in your idea of love, make your audience understand what your thoughts are, how you feel about them, and finally act accordingly. Be single minded, even in your messages.

I believe in Love. Do You?


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
The Creative Strategist

Melbourne, Victoria

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