Pressure VS Work Requirements

This is a metaphor for all the tasks and burdens that we put on ourselves.

They can accumulate from work, the things life throws at us, and even relationships.

How heavy is your load on a daily basis? How do you cope?

Do you find that sometimes, you are incapacitated and are unable to perform your tasks as usually required?

Don't Blame The Load

I woke up with this scenario this morning in my head:

An employee is carrying a heavy box over his head in a supermarket. He is clearly straining to carry that load, although manageable. However, his focus remains on the load.

There are 2 scenarios here when encountering a customer.

Scenario 1:

He smiles and greets the customer, excusing himself through gestures or speech for the heavy task at hand in an amicable fashion. This positive notion transfers onto the customer making them happy in some introverted way.

Scenario 2:

He is unhappy, and clearly shows his frustration, with the first thought being to get his load off his shoulders, and fails to greet the customer. In fact, he seems to engrossed in his task, that not only does he fail to greet the customer, but he sees the customer as an added burden.

For any business and personal matters, Scenario 1 would be an ideal disposition to encounter and endure.

Unfortunately for many, we tend to focus on the burden at hand.

Fotunately for everybody, we all have a choice; To be happy.
Shoulder your burden and perform your duties as per normal.

It's not meant to be easy.

If anything, you could always ask for help.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
The Creative Strategist

Melbourne, Victoria
Twitter: @djsanthou

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