Tis the Season to be...

Tis the Season to be...

We've gone through this festive season time and time again.

There are expectations surrounding us from work (performance, meeting quotas), family (presents, decorating the house, visiting relatives) and even from ourselves (where am I now?)

Why not just let things be instead?

Make the most of what you have (in this case, it's probably some time off work). Do things that you've always put off, or wanted to do.

We speak of spending quality time with loved ones, yet we allow ourselves to waste this precious time labouring through rituals that we allow ourselves to be sucked into.

This festive season, I'm going to be doing what I like doing (which I allow myself to do anyway throughout the year):

- Improve my guitar skills
- Go for band practice
- Watch a few movies
- Draw
- Write
- Read
- Go out for coffee meetings with mates
- Dinners
- Play tennis
- Hit the gym
- Go out to bars
- Talk to random people

So, what will you be doing this festive season?

Ho, ho, hope you enjoy it.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
Creative Strategist

Melbourne, Australia


Twitter: @djsanthou

Creative Work: http://behance.net/jacobphoenix


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