A Matter of Perception

How do I see myself?
What do I think others see in me?
How do they really see me?

There's a crack in the mirror sometimes and we're clouded by the motions that take place around our immediate attention.

I feel I have alot of love and passion to give.

But is that love, or a figment of my imagination?
A desolate place they call a heart?

I feel a beat, a tribal sensation stem from within, slowly pushing myself to infinite possibilities.

And yet, with this crack in the mirror, all I see is myself in imperfection.

Maybe I'm losing myself. Or maybe I'm lost.

I see myself through a crack in the mirror.

If you, as a reader can relate somehow, you know that we continue to struggle in life. We fight for the things that we believe in, and warrant no rest until we achieve our goals.

At the end of the day, what matters to us, is how we choose to see ourselves.

As for others, make it known to them your true potential and make sure you give others reason enough to believe you.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
Creative Strategist - Looking for Opportunity

Melbourne, Australia

Twitter: @djsanthou


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