Borrowed Inspiration

Borrowed Inspiration:

Finding or borrowing inspiration from previous work or others to produce creative work.

Case Study:

A friend of mine was discussing a photoshoot with me. He had everything planned out i.e. location, photographer, hair & make up artist, time frame etc...

However, when questioned with a mood board, he said I was really thorough. Of course I am. You have to be to understand the creative process. When you have an end result in mind, you need to be able to draw inspiration and share that with all parties involved.

I asked for references, styles, music, colours, campaigns he has seen and would like to emulate in some way or the other.

In life, it can be difficult to inspire. It is easier to be inspired.

However, a sharp connection to unleashing our creativity comes from our own experiences and our ability to see a bigger picture and create something from everything we have come across in our lives.

If you have borrowed inspiration before, share the love.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
Creative Strategist

Melbourne, Australia

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