Technology is killing our children's imagination...

Technology is killing our children's imagination...


The use of technology in educating our children is causing quite the commotion within the creative community around the world - as observed through forums, social networking sites and personal interactions.

The use of technology restricts children from thinking outside of the box because they are given a set medium and limited resources that constrain creative thinking and hinder their use of imagination.

They discover new things through the use of technological devices within that sole medium.

Yes, they will be tech whizzes growing up and every one of them would be an adept social media guru.

However, we must ask ourselves, have these children ever flown a kite? Have they built sandcastles, caught spiders in their backyard, played with toys that require a narration of an adventure within the beauty of their own minds - Imagination.

Chances are, the latter is of few. Who shall we blame (because we need to point a finger here).


They spend so much time at work trying to make a decent living and provide the best for their children. This in essence negates the one most simple form of development in their children: The ability to imagine.

We all grew up with an imagination and the ability to be creative. As we learned new things, we started rationalising actions and behaviours and finally the thoughts from within.

However, as the vicious cycle continues, we too have experienced the harsh realities of conformance by putting barriers on our own imagination. We accepted that right was right, and wrong was wrong. We rarely challenged notions and went with the flow because we had trust and belief in our teachers (family, friends, celebrities, media).


Put down your mobile phone. Switch off your computer. Put your tablet down. Turn off your GPS.

Get lost on the road. Discover new places. Look up to the sky and see how many different pictures you can form with your imagination using the clouds.
Look at the birds chirping, fluttering around, frolicking in the sunshine.
Observe the direction of the wind. Will it rain? Will you embrace it?
 Close your eyes and breathe.

Be grateful that there is still that inner child within you that continues to want to learn, discover new things and challenge the norms set forth by society and more so, ourselves.

After all, the creative adult is the child that survived.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
Creative Strategist - Looking for Opportunity

Melbourne, Australia
Twitter: @djsanthou


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