Social Engagement Does Not Mean Social Media

How many times have we come across Social Media Strategies put in place in many marketing and advertising campaigns?

How many job postings are there for Social Gurus, Social Media Experts, UX Designers etc?

The key to these CHANNELS are bridges to engage users, co-create a story or brand and deliver messages.

Social Engagement is SIMPLE.

It is about participation. This can be measured (Look up my previous post on Vanity Metrics) - to a degree.

However, the essence of Social Engagement spreads further than our internet enabled devices.

It all stems from People.

Find out WHO they are.

WHAT are they doing?

WHY do they do it?

HOW do they do it?

WHEN do they do it?

The next time a client gives you terms like:

"User Engagement, Social Media Strategy, Facebook Ads, UX"

Ask them why?

People can socially engage anywhere and everywhere.

Talk to someone on the street, and engage in a conversation with them.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
Creative Strategist

Melbourne, Australia


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