The Gamification of LinkedIN

Finding yourself checking your LinkedIN account more frequently these days?

If you do, you can consider yourself to be a PRO-GAMER.

About You:

You have a snazzy profile picture:

You probably have filled in and constructed different ways to fulfill an Autobiography well worth a read.

You have started to build connections and network with people. 
Then, that isn't enough, you started adding people not relevant to your industry.


You never stop. 

Just like many games, there are points and scores in which we evaluate our own performance.

We look to continue to build more "connections".
We want more people to "view" our profile.
We share stories and articles.

It's all a numbers game. 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1...

When will it end?

When LinkedIN stops pivoting and continuing to improve in catering to social engagement that is predominantly career oriented. Or at least that's how they brand themselves anyway.

Recently, the head of strategy of this awesome Advertising Agency in Sydney tweeted that he had received an email congratulating him on being within the top 1% of LinkedIN users.


By playing the game, bending the rules, learning from mistakes, looking for hidden bonuses, leveling up, secret codes and rescuing princesses.

If all else fails, try The Konami Code:

Cheers and Game On,

Daniel-Jacob Santhou
Creative Strategist - Looking for Opportunity

Melbourne, Australia


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