The War of the Internet Browsers

I noticed an interesting piece of information about the visitors to my website earlier this morning:

Refer to the following pie chart:

Most of my page views have been conducted via non-standard Internet Browsers. Firefox and Google Chrome seem to be the most popular followed by Internet Explorer and Safari.

What does it mean?

There is a highest percentage of people who prefer to use a different Internet Browser to the one already installed in their computers.

Possible Reasons?

Maybe they want something different? Perhaps these Internet Browsers have different features which entice its users?

For whatever reason, its surprising that Google Chrome isn't on top.

Especially since they are a more well known brand and have pushed their marketing and advertising of the browser through various channels prior to its launch.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
Creative Strategist - Looking for Opportunity

Melbourne, Australia


  1. It would also say something about the people who are viewing your site. Firefox has been around a lot longer and would have a stronger following in divergent thinkers/users, also it isn't a part of the information collecting google behemoth.

    (Yes I am posting this using my google credentials)

    1. It is indeed a reflection of my visitors. It is just a snapshot. Combine this with other snapshots, and it'll give us a better idea and indication of who my visitors are, where they come from and how they found me :)

    2. Can you see the facebook referrals? :o)

    3. Not exactly. Just the traffic source :) "Privacy"


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