Status Symbols

At the cafe or restaurant, you've probably seen this scenario happen many times
(you probably do the same):

People sit down, and empty their pockets putting their mobile phone, tablets,
sunglasses and car keys down.

These are items of status that show an extension of who the person is.

Chances are, you have the latest iPhone, iPad, designer sunglasses.

The car keys on the table depend on the car make itself: I highly doubt someone would put down a plain old Holden or Datsun car key. It's usually the 'Status' cars such as BMW's, Audi's, Ferarri's etc...

It's a norm now.


From the clothes that we wear, to the cars that we drive, these status objects aim
to give us the opportunity and ability to showcase our power as an individual.

What ever happened to substance and character?

A car doesn't make the man. The driver does.


Daniel-Jacob Santhou
The Creative Strategist

Melbourne, Australia


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