A Quickie Creative Brief - On Myself

I had the chance to meet up with the Managing Director of Naked Communications earlier this afternoon. Tom was nice enough to catch up with me and have an exchange in ideologies and philosophies in regards to the ever evolving communications industry. In my hunt to get back into a creative field within a planing department, one good piece of advice for aspiring planners from unconventional backgrounds, is to just simply write, share, express and extend your thought flow to allow others an "insight" into who you are, how you think and why you do it that way.

Writing creative briefs don't have to be difficult, but I'm all about "making ideas that work", and that starts with a sound and awesome direction (strategy). Here's my quickie Creative Brief on myself.


Daniel Jacob is on the hunt for a new adventure/job. Bringing with him a wealth of experience from client side in marketing and branding, he is now better positioned to get back into a creative community, where his talents can be well utilised. Having both the ability to be strategic and creative, it is not unusual for great insights and ideas to be generated. He is now looking to share those ideas and philosophies with like-minded people and create contagious ideas.


Get Daniel Jacob a job in advertising (strategy) within 1-3 months.


- land 3-5 interviews in a month
- promote the creative strategist brand
- meet with key decision makers


Ad Agencies - GM's, Head's of Strategy, MD's and CEO's

Who they are:

Crazy busy individuals who work around the clock. Usually seen with 2 phones and frantically going back to forth between the 2. It's meetings after meetings for them, so they are time poor. They are looking for new opportunities always be it professional or personal. They are proud of their work and are high achievers. They receive tons of CC'd and portfolios and are flooded with fresh talent seeking an avenue within their agency. It is difficult to make the time for so many, and only a select few make the cut, depending on who they are, what they've done and more importantly the approach they took to get in contact and how they did it. They're looking for difference and more so for balls! They're looking for a younger version of them - a chip of the old block.

What do they think now:

Who is this crazy guy with crazy ideas? Could he be our next rising star? Would he be able to bring revenue into the agency and help guide and facilitate strategic direction?

What do I want them to think:

I want this guy on my team! He's strategic and creative! It's like a 2 for 1 deal and I can't afford to miss out on this talent!

Benefit Ladder: Daniel Jacob

Emotion: Intriguing
Reward: Analytical and creative
Benefit: A unique title / role
Attribute: A Creative Strategist?

Positioning Statement:

To growing ad agencies, Daniel Jacob will be a vital asset to your arsenal in your team with his analytical and creative abilities.


I want this guy!


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