If you're a motorist, regardless of your mode of transport, I am pretty sure that you have encountered this scenario before (unless you're in Arizona or Middle Earth). The elements can cause a much heightened degree of limited vision / perception / safety. Driving at night, further increases the risk of a potential crash, accident and lowers our judgement on the roads. The above scenario can be worse off at night if there are no streetlights in rural areas.


Driving late one night after work through the city on a Friday night isn't fun, being stuck in traffic. It was dark (like, space dark), and a thunderstorm was abound in full force. The rain hitting my windscreen could only be best described as watching a Rambo movie (infinite amount of bullets), and all I could see ahead, next to and behind me were glowing lights (from vehicles). Back and forth, to the left, to the right, speeding ahead, stopping. I could only imagine the profane vocabulary coming from within each tin can.

With visibility being drastically lower than usual, thanks to the DARKNESS & RAIN, I thought of these issues:

1) The roads were grey...That didn't help at all at night
2) The white strips meant to divide each lane were barely visible and somewhat misleading
3) Cars were over crossing their lanes

So for the nature of this article, I present:


Motorists around the world are not able to clearly distinguish between different lanes in situations which decrease visbility (e.g. rain, night, mardi gras parade), and the risk of getting into an accident is potentially higher.


Road & safety is diligently promoted throughout the world. We have engineers, drivers, governments and councils all chipping in, collecting tax dollars to ensure that we have safer roads to drive on. They install more streetlights, re-paint white lines, sometimes put up reflective posts (which we usually only see in the rain when we're too close to them).


Our audience comes from all walks of lives. There are no age restrictions but we can definitely segment them according to their level of experience (number of years, courses taken, experiences learned while driving), learners, probationary drivers, fully licensed drivers, the elderly drivers, the foreign drivers, the multi-tasker driver, the show off drivers, the angry drivers, the soccer mum drivers, the executive drivers, the taxi drivers and the "they who should not be driving" drivers.

Regardless of their level of experience, they all experience this same issue, in conditions they cannot control. It is, however in their best judgement to attempt to maneuver and cautiously and safely continue their journey. They might have cool cars with nice gadgets (seen that mercedes benz that apparently makes sure you stay within the lines?), xenon headlights that shine brighter and "truer" etc...

With car manufacturers continuing to build cool gadgets in which only a few can afford, what then can the biggest governing body do to help out?


Why not find different avenues to light up the streets? Why not invest more time and research into reducing the rate of injuries, death & accidents on our roads? Let's find a solution that allows us to light up our roads in inclement weather. My Tag Heuer has a luminous dial, i've seen shoelaces that that glow in the dark, i've seen solar powered lights, i've seen plenty of things in my life that light things up.


For more cool info on this idea already being put into practice and also being pushed towards, see this link:

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