Why Do We Keep Saying No?

Why are we more open to the notion of negativity or saying no as we grow older?

Why do we perceive change to be confrontational and even scary?

Why do we never question things around us and just accept things as they are?

The path to learning and development consists of multiple pathways of experiences via our senses -
What we can see, hear, taste, smell & touch.

Now, how about you close your eyes and touch your left ear?

Did you touch your ear immediately? Isn't it bizarre that you could do that?

People tend to refer to this simple phenomenon as the 5++ sense of "self-awareness".

In our lives, we undertake multiple paths to development and impairment at times due to our external environment which causes us to make do or replace some of our basic senses to help strengthen the rest.

Being self-aware is not just the understanding or comprehension of knowing our senses, being one with the universe or having an adverse sense of peripheral direction.

Now, how does the above actually relate to the first 3 questions presented above?

It is because, as we grow up and older, people make choices, and create strong barriers around their self-awareness to rationalize who they want to be, and filter what information tries to get directed their way.

Look at the way advertising has changed over the years, and the approach marketers are taking to try and fine those thin cracks in your "ad-permeable" receptor membranes to communicate with you.

We say no to things that we know little to nothing about. We see change as being negative and tend to stay on the safe side of what we feel we are "aware" about and are able to touch, see, smell, hear & taste.

Let's move away from this and practice the Zen-like principles of deconstruction, and let go of everything you know, unlearn all that you have learned and start afresh, like a sponge.

In foresight, the creative adult is truly the child that survived.

Why? Because children start fresh, have no barriers and build their senses through the perception and experiences they encounter and are subjected to.

How can we, as adults then become children again?

You can start by saying yes. Accept change. Be the vessel of evolution and be open to discussion, debate and utilize the power of imagination.

More than anything else, live again.

Kind regards,

Daniel-Jacob Santhou

The Creative Strategist

Melbourne, Australia

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thecreativestrategist
Instagram: @thecreativestrategist
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