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Effective Communications

We’ve heard it before, and adhere to principles and rules outlining various ways on how to create and facilitate effective communication pieces.

I sought the counsel of my trusted advisor (Google), and this came up when I typed in “Effective”: adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result.


For many of us, we still adhere to the doctrine of creating objectives / goals and ensuring that they’re SMART (Specific / Measurable / Attainable / Realistic / Timely).

In my time both client side and agency side, I’ve been exposed to many a brief (client / creative / mechanical) where objectives are laid out. In this day and age, I am still perplexed how many marketers still fail to understand the importance of setting SMART objectives.

Example of a Poor Objective:

1. We want Brand X to be talked about and loved by Australians.

Let’s Analyse the Above:

Is it Specific? Sure, why not.
Is it Measurable? It has the potential to be. But, what % deems the objective to be successful?
Is it Attainable? Sure, to an extend.
Is it Realistic? Possibly, over time...
Is it Timely? Not at all…

Example of a Better Objective:

1. Increase brand presence and share of voice in the marketplace through visibility in media, social platforms, buzz within the next 3 months.

How we could measure effectiveness: Media monitoring tools, social mentions, buzz created, website traffic, sales, growth in interest & followers, levels of engagement etc…


Notice how I state “Better”, and not “Best", and also more importantly, how I statee “Could" rather than “Would”? This is because, objectives are subjective, and depends on the level of the Communications Funnel that it services.


Simply put, to ensure that your piece of communications is effective, just abide by this simple philosophy - "Putting the right content within the right context”. You’ll find the right people in the right context naturally. Just make sure you know who you intend to serve that message to.

Kind regards,

Daniel-Jacob Santhou


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