Most Valuable Person / Brand

How do people get noticed in the office or stand out from the crowd?
There are 2 paths to FAME here:
  1. Famous for good things 
  2. Famous for bad things 
Let’s start with Famous for Good:
Your name (brand) gets mentioned a lot (frequency) and more people get to hear your name (reach).
Your work and performance has been spoken highly of, and others see the value and output (results). Stakeholders notice the return of their investment (ROI), and you progress in your career based on your return of effort (ROE) - which could come in the form of salary increases and promotions.
Then, in regards to how you are as a person (personality), people like you, and they want to spend more time with you. They couldn’t imagine a meeting or project without you (advocacy). You’re the MVP that delivers the goods when required.
Your deliverables can be seen throughout the office and people start talking.
Now let’s look at Famous for Bad:
People don’t seem to like you. They don’t see Good Work and people don’t want you on their team. They feel like you say one thing and act in a completely different way (cognitive dissonance). Word spreads throughout the office of the negatives, and bad news travels faster. You’re on the reserve bench (out of sight, out of mind), being the last thing on peoples mind.
It’s tough to turn things around, but it isn’t impossible. Because, it all starts with you. You have the power to change (transform) others perceptions of you - so what's stopping you?
Now imagine if you’re a brand. You’ll notice key metrics of measurement and influence within the brackets above.
Wouldn’t you want to be your customers MVP in their life?
Before you point the finger at your marketing team, agencies, customers changing habits - stop and look within first. What can you do differently that will have a positive impact in your customers life?
What are you prepared to do.
Daniel-Jacob Santhou | Creative Strategist
Melbourne, Australia


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