We’re constantly connected - to our laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart tv’s, music streaming apps, social media apps, smart watches etc... The tech that’s been built to help make our lives easier, is actually disconnecting us from traditional human behaviour. 
So much so that in marketing, we look at peoples behaviour via the data I.e. dwell time, impressions, clicks, user flow, acquisition etc...
Apparently, we know more about you, than possibly even yourself. Because, apparently, actions speak louder than words. So if we claim that we know you so well, why are people so unsatisfied still in life? With all this rich data about a single person and a collective group, why do marketers still struggle to get it right?
It’s because we fail to understand or delve deeper into how people think, feel and do. 
People have lost sight of what it is to be human, allowing technology and the digital realm to run their lives. It's fucked...
Here’s a common scene:
A group of friends dining in at a restaurant. Sounds normal right? But what’s wrong with this common scene? Chances are, half of them are on their phones. Why? Texting, checking out their Instagram, looking at their shopping basket etc... 
We are the company we keep, and I fear that people are going to leave future decision making to the robots of the world! 
What happened to good old conversation? Sharing knowledge and social intimacy? 
We are minimising what the experience is to be human. The world of what it is to be human is slowly getting lost. We really need to properly reconsider our humanity.
Enter human centred design. Enter sensory branding. Enter opening your eyes and looking at all the wonder in the world around us. Enter listening to our surroundings, truly engaging with the many different sounds. Enter tasting our meals; every bite, every morsel. Enter feeling and engaging with everyday objects, embracing our human sense of touch. Enter the whiff of nature’s vibes (don’t enter a laneway filled with garbage bins...).
Enter back into reigniting our humanity, and disconnect from technology.
Creative Strategist | Melbourne, Australia


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